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Entry 9...

A lot has happened in the past few days. The Sakura-Matsuri just ended, so everyone's been cleaning up the village.

And... I also... met Sasuke-kun again after two and a half years. Kakashi-sensei had found him prowling around Konoha during the festival.

I'm so glad he's back, and... safe, too. But he's still the same as ever - cold-hearted, and always acting like revenge is his top priority. But I think I'm starting to get through to him, just a little at a time...

Hopefully he'll start to open up more. And I'll always be waiting for when that day happens.

Fanfiction~~ 8D

Title: Ore ga Itemo, Inakutemo
Author: Meee~
Pairings: SasuSaku, very slight NaruHina
Rating: ...Oh I don't know. o_o PG?
Genre: Angst/Romance/Tragedy, I guess.
Summary: With or without you, I'll learn to move on. And then one day, we can all come back together as a team, and remember that even if we're not always together, even if we sometimes act like we don't need each other, or say mean things to each other... we'll remind ourselves that we will always care for one another.


Things have started off kind of slowly today. I wonder if I was wrong about... no, there's no way. The chakra I'm sensing is even stronger now, which means this person's closing in on the village. Even Kakashi-sensei said he can feel it.

Whoever it is, I'm going to protect our village no matter what! Shannaro!

Day Two of the festival

Things went by quite slowly today, seemed like the "calm before the storm", or so they call it. Who knows what will happen tomorrow then...

I didn't do much at the festival, though the food was good. I met Ino-pig there at one point in time, but I think she stalked off to find Shikamaru or something.

I tried to do that little fish-catching game. I managed to catch one (on the seventh try...), although I don't know what to name it. Any suggestions, guys?

I have a feeling something's coming, something big. I wonder what it is?


Today I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival. All by myself, of course. Even Naruto and Hinata went together. As for me though, I just talked to Kakashi-sensei most of the time. And I think I spotted Kiba around a couple times...

Oh, Sasuke-kun, why did you have to go? I miss you. And I'm sorry if I sound clingy or something... I just hope you're okay. And that you haven't found some slut to hang around with.

Oh well, I'll.. try to do my best to enjoy the festival anyways. After all, nobody would want to hang around a depressed person at a festival.


It seems like everyone in town's upset about a mysterious person lurking in the area of Konoha. I wonder who it could be? Maybe I should check it out, just to be on the safe side.

[straps on gloves, heads toward the gate into/out of Konoha]

Hopefully it's not a threat to the village... like one of Orochimaru's people..

Entry 1

And so, this is my first entry, although I really should be hurrying on over to Tsunade-shissou's quarters. You know how scary she can be when she's mad...


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